Using Call-to-Action Buttons Effectively on a Site

Including call-to-action buttons on a website is one of the ways that you can get the most out of visitors. Call-to-action buttons focus on eliciting some form of reaction from users. Some familiar examples include; “Click Here”, “Sign Up”, “Buy Now” and “Get for Free”. When hiring web design Leicester services, consult with the experts on the best call to action to use. A few considerations should help with that.

Attract Attention

Firstly, get the users’ attention. For users to respond to a call to action, they must see it first. Aim to draw a user’s attention with the size and colour of the button. Consider everything else around the button and how it will affect its appearance. Go for flashy shapes and striking colours but don’t make it all about the call-to-action button. It is also possible to use graphics to add life to a button. Some sites even have animated buttons to entice users more. Remember to keep it simple and give just enough choices to avoid confusing users.

The Positioning

Know how to place a call-to-action strategically. Consider the flow of the text and a user’s journey through the web page. Don’t make users backtrack the page to find a particular call-to-action button. When deciding where to position the call-to-action button, think about the response you intend to elicit. For instance, a “Continue Reading” call to action button will come at the bottom of the text. It is useful as well to learn how to make use of white space. Placing a button with dead space around will make it stand out more.


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