SEO Title Tags That Google Will Love

Properly written title tags are some of the most important elements on your site. Since a title tag is the clickable section of the search results, it needs to be properly optimised for SEO and social sharing. You should, therefore, leave it to the experts to come up with the summary of your page’s content.


A lengthy title tag is not desirable for SEO purposes. A maximum of 70 characters is what optimisation experts consider appropriate. Note that spaces too count as characters. The space limitation in their use originates from Google, so try to fit in every critical aspect in your tags. Numbers usage will not only allow you to maximise space usage, it will also encourage users to click through.


If your site appears on the search results of a crowded search engine, the separation of various aspects of your site by using vertical bars is essential as it will enhance legibility. The fact that your title tags will appear on social media posts means that you need to give consideration to aesthetics during their design. Your most important keyword should be at the front of the tag for enhanced SEO ranking.


This is simply the hardest part since you may wish to include as many details as possible but cant due to space limitations. Therefore, short and precise phrases, and the use of pipes to separate critical keywords will be very helpful. Remember not to exclude your firm’s name if it’s not part of the key phrases used. Also, ensure to use different tags for each page since the replication of titles results in undesirable results.


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