2016 and Google: The Changing SEO Landscape

SEO in Leicester has certainly evolved over the past few years and 2016 is proving to be no different in terms of such advancements. So, what are the top SEO trends for the upcoming year and why are they now more important than ever before?


RankBrain is the name of the new artificial intelligence technology employed by Google (1). Rather than being programmed by humans, this new system actually learns from its previous experiences. Currently examining more than 200 different ranking signals, RankBrain is set to dominate the SEO landscape in 2016. This is important in terms of organic exposure due to the fact that as human examinations are being removed from the analytical processes, coding such as meta tags and “alt” picture attributes are now exceedingly important.


Of course, it makes sense that outbound links are included within the important SEO practices during 2016. Connections to relevant blogs, social media posts and authoritative third-party websites can help to boost the reputation of any site. In return, higher rankings are once again a reality.


While RankBrain and links are not to be overlooked, the core success around any SEO campaign is text written for readers as opposed to crawling algorithmic engines. Not only is this more palatable from a sales-oriented point of view, but Google places a great deal of weight upon how readable content is.

These three areas will undoubtedly become pivotal within any successful SEO campaign during the remainder of 2016 and beyond.


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