Built for the User: Responsive Website Design

What does a responsive website design mean? In these modern times, this term signifies the ability for a page to be able to adapt to the user as well as mobile phones. How can this approach be adopted to increase the exposure of a Leicester business?

An Overwhelming Majority

It has recently been shown that 62 per cent of all businesses believe that responsive website design was responsible for increased sales during the 2014-2015 period. This is likely due to the fact that mobile-friendly sites experienced a greater amount of inbound traffic (and thus higher conversion rates).

Adopting this Trend

Although there is no doubt that such a responsive approach certainly produces viable results, it is still somewhat disturbing that only 47 per cent of businesses stated that they had taken proactive measures in order to enhance the functionality of their site. There were a few reasons behind these findings such as:

A lack of time or resources
Little experience in the field
An unwillingness to make changes that may affect a current strategy

In truth, these are all valid reasons. It is therefore always a good idea to enlist the help of a trained website design professional. Choose a firm that is well aware of the latest trends and can provide the clarity necessary to enact the most relevant updates. Responsive website designs are here to stay and these features can benefit Leicester businesses of all sizes.


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