Common mistakes in web design

Although it’s usually a much easier and cost-effective option to hire a professional web designer, some business owners and executives may decide to take on the task of web design themselves. If you’re in this situation, there are several common mistakes you should be aware of when dealing with this work.

One of the most common rookie mistakes which can chase away a lot of business is not including a search bar. Any website, especially one presenting all the best features of a business, is going to have a lot of information making up its various pages, so make sure yours has a search bar. We’ve all had that frustrating experience where we come across something interesting on the web, but when we come looking for it again it’s near impossible to track it down thanks to poor website navigation. To make sure you don’t loose custom to this blunder, make sure you have a working search bar!

Another unfortunately common mistake, which many professional designers make a point of, is a disorganised content layout. People come to websites for information laid out in a clear, concise way, which will allow them to come to a quick decision over whether or not its useful to them. If your website’s content is jumbled in awkward text columns and pictures that are far too small or too big for purpose, you may find that a lot of people are viewing it, but you’re not making many sales! A clear, organised content layout goes further than you can imagine!


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