Why hire an SEO agency?

If you’re beginning to set up your business’s website, you no doubt want it to have some search engine optimisation, or SEO, in place, to make sure you’re being seen before any of your competitors! Like many business owners, you might be torn between an in-house specialist and an SEO agency, but agencies have a wide range of benefits to consider.

First of all, hiring an SEO agency means a significantly reduced cost when stacked up against hiring an in-house SEO director. Remember that these companies are made up of professionals, and that all their work is isolated to one specific niche. While the results you’ll get from either option will be just about equal, SEO agencies are generally much more efficient and smooth-running, and as such can afford to ask for a lower price! While rates fluctuate from company to company, in some cases hiring an SEO director can cost up to 100 times more than a service from an agency!

By hiring an SEO agency, you’ll also be giving yourself a lot more peace of mind when you see the amount of the experience they bring to the table. While a qualified SEO director is anyone who has sat through enough classes and exams, these guys are true professionals, and almost all agencies will have a portfolio to showcase their work. You could read all the books on SEO in the world, but nothing is more valuable than regular, professional experience, and most agencies have this quality in buckets!


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