Does Your Web Design Matter As Much As Web Marketing?

If you had to decide your budget for your web business, you would naturally assign most of your budget towards web marketing. After all, what is the point in having a fantastic looking website if nobody is ever going to visit it?

Despite that sound argument, you do need to invest a reasonable amount of time and money into the way your website looks, and more specifically, the way your website acts and functions. Most people who are veteran/advanced Internet users have found out from years of use that if a website doesn’t load almost instantly and work perfectly it is not worth their time.

You do not need a fancy or elaborate web design. In fact, the trend moved away from elaborate and fancy a long time ago when people realized such designs tend to alienate people. This doesn’t mean you should opt for simple – is just means you shouldn’t over-ice your cake.

The way your website functions is a little more important than you used to be. Google is now penalising websites that do not function on all popular web browsers and devices. There is also the fact that every time somebody tries to access your website and cannot, you lose a view, a potential follower and a potential customer.

Web marketing and web design do not have equal importance. Your marketing is always going to be more important than your web design and development, but your website does require a substantial and sustained investment if you want a website that works and succeeds in the long-term.


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