Search Engine Traffic Still Heads the Pack

Organic searching still leads the field when it comes to traffic across all industries. And in the UK, over 50% of those searches were made from smartphones.

Although B2B fared best from organic searches, with over 51% of traffic arriving via the search engines, wherever you look, entertainment, media, technology, retail, or hospitality, the origins of the majority of traffic came from search engines. It’s little wonder digital marketing companies spend so much time optimising for high search engine rankings.

While local marketing, social media marketing, and smartphone optimisation of your site all have a part to play, without good solid SEO to lead the way, the whole business will be a fruitless exercise.

With the big search engines continuously changing and upgrading their algorithms to improve user experience, marketing managers have to stay on top of their game. High quality content is still what the search engines look for whether it’s in content marketing, news and blog posts.

If you have a small business in Leicester, ensuring you are showing in the local business directories is paramount. Site content should be interesting, factual, and relate to Leicester if possible. Whether that content is a marketing piece, blog or news item, correct long tailed keyword density has to be included, back-links to high profile websites, or sites that link to your site all influence search engine rankings.

With SEO still very much in its infancy, search engines will continue to evolve and change. Providing a better user experience by guiding the billions of search enquiries every day to the information they seek at the first attempt is the search engines ultimate goal. Making your site one of those correct hits – is your marketing company’s goal.


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