Two More Factors to Consider in Web Design

Leicester businesses are constantly trying to improve their online presence. While a great deal of attention has centred on proper SEO techniques, it is critical to recall that the appearance of a website will equally affect retention and conversion rates. For example, it has been shown that 47 per cent of visitors expect a page to load within two seconds or less. Additionally, any portal must contain quality content and be easy to navigate. Aside from these, what are other factors that should be considered?

Flexible Content Management Systems

Any CMS template must be quite intuitive in its nature. Not only should it be able to be modified quickly, but a user-friendly design will drastically enhance its overall effectiveness. Many third-party firms employ WordPress software to address these issues. This system is very easy to understand and its open-source nature ensures that only the latest tools and techniques are accessible.

Mobile-Friendly Designs

Four out of every five users now use their smartphones to shop for a product or service. Websites need to embrace this statistic and offer a layout that is compatible with such devices. Without this responsive edge, a great deal of business will be lost.

Leicester businesses should always monitor their websites and look for ways in which these platforms can be improved. As the digital community is now highly competitive, the tangible advantages that proper web design techniques can offer are certain to make a massive difference.


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