Web Design and the Growth of Smartphone Use

In 1985, the son of Vodafone’s chairman made the first ever mobile phone call in Britain, at the launch of the Vodafone network. Twelve years prior to that, a Motorola executive made the first ever mobile call in the world. The first generation of mobiles had been born; how did we ever live without them?

Today in the UK, there are some 35-million smartphone users, and ever increasing numbers are using their phones for e-commerce. In a recent survey of 18 European countries, Britain was way out in front, with 32% saying they regularly made at least one monthly purchase from their smartphone. Sweden ranked second with just 19%.

You can’t argue with statistics:

Across those same 18 countries, smartphone usage was at 68% during 2014, up 6%, and online purchasers increased to 77%, up 5% on the previous year. Meanwhile, 83% maintained they used the Internet at least once a day, with 64% using it regularly throughout the day. Social network visits also increased, up to 72%, an increase of almost 10%.

Subscription to 4G:

With greater numbers of people subscribing to 4G, those figures will continue to rise. As more website designs become mobile friendly, larger numbers of consumers will be searching for bargains, vouchers, and a plethora of product information. If you ever thought optimising your site for mobiles could wait a little longer…well then, it can’t.


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