Web Design Trends You Should Do Away With

With technology in a continual state of evolution, you must be willing to anticipate and accept change as an inevitable constant, and it’s no different when it comes to web design.

As a business owner in Leicester, it’s important that you understand how trends come and go, based on technological advancements, or user demands and expectations. Your website must adapt accordingly, which in most cases, means doing away with designs that have become obsolete. Here are three trends you may want to change on your website:

  1. Static Graphics – Text and static graphics are now being replaced by HTML5 Canvas videos. Although, Flash is still in use in some sites, like everything else, it is subject to change.
  1. Complex Designs – While these used to be a big hit some years back, the mantra “less is the new more” is now being heeded by more and more web designers. A minimalist campaign keeps the essentials, and your business site should reflect the change, but within its own needs.

3. Clicking – To create a more enjoyable web and mobile experience, scrolling as opposed to clicking, is becoming more dominant. The average internet user today will be more appreciative when allowed to see all the information he needs on a single page, rather than having to click through until the end. An experienced web designer in Leicester should be able to help keep your sites clear, current, and easy on the eyes in terms of visual appeal and easy navigation.


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