The Importance of Local SEO

Whether you are just starting your business, or having been around for a while now, you would have already come across the importance of search engine optimisation (SEO) for your enterprise. Beyond its general advantage of visibility for your website, there is also local SEO, which is what most businesses should put their focus on, if it must attract customers within its own neighbourhood and surrounding areas.

Local SEO is vital for search rankings, especially when developed with three important terms to its strategies: consistency, brand, and uniformity. When local people are able to find you in their local search listings, it’s like getting votes. Convincing directories linking back to your site resemble votes, which can help improve search rankings by a tenfold.

Search engine giant, Google, itself has made it known that local businesses get much love from them. Google has been outwardly seen to favour newer, smaller, and more active companies over the years, so it would be best to be on their good side. Small business owners with limited resources are now being given the chance to be ground breakers with tools like Analytics, Webmaster Tools, and others Google apps.

There are over 10 billion unique searches being made every month, and of those searches, 20% made on desktop PCs are local in nature. In addition, 50% of all mobile searches being made are of local intent, so tapping into local SEO marketing could markedly put you on the online map.


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